Industry and Manufacturing

Providing Portable toilets and other sanitation facilities for oil fields, mining and refineries, manufacturing units at various locations is our expertise. Be it a short-term requirement or a long-term requirement we provide our services maintaining the standard of service, safety and compliance.

Specially designed containerised toilets for men and women at drilling rigs in oil fields accommodating Indian standards and International specifications.

Advantages of portable toilets for Refinery and Oil fields:

  1. As the labour is outsourced during the shutdown period and the numbers vary from anywhere between 500 to 2000 there is no sanitation facility for these many number of labourers. The existing facility at the refinery is inadequate and these labourers are not allowed inside the refinery building to use the existing toilets for security reasons. Hence , adequate number of portable toilets are needed for these labourers near to the work place.
  2. The maintenance work is a 24 X 7 job and these labourers need the facility round the clock. Allowing them to use the existing toilets in the refinery building in the night time is not possible.
  3. Statutory compliance is met with in terms of providing good sanitation for the outsourced labour.
  4. The existing housekeeping staff at the refinery might not be capable of handling the extra load of keeping the toilets and urinals clean and hygienic. So outsourcing the entire job to a professional company in the sanitation business is preferred.