Portable Toilets/ Restrooms

We manufacture and offer a wide range of portable sanitation solutions, which include specialty, mains free restrooms, VIP Solar Elite restrooms, AC super luxury containerized restrooms, septic systems, wash stands, urinals and allied cleaning and waste management services. All our products are made from Polyethylene, which is 100%, Eco friendly, recyclable material providing an environmentally safe, comprehensive sanitation and waste management solution to human waste. Our services include installation of toilets/ restrooms, cleaning, evacuation, waste disposal and recycling the sewage water.

Mobiloo – a sturdy single walled unit with a hardy twin sheet door that is available in Indian and Western style toilet tanks.

JOHNNY’S BOX: The Aussie designed indigenously produced doubled walled, award winning combination for luxury events.

SIXER Urinal: a unique design which is mains free and catering to 6 users at the same time with a patented flushing mechanism is a hit on large gatherings and at construction sites.