Why 3s India…

We at 3S stand for dignity of human being. We align jobs & career to not only the purpose of the company, but also to the purpose of self. We value right talent, skills & attitude into workforce. We value employee engagement, and thrive to achieve work life balance, where fun & joy is blended with profit & purpose. The best work for us due to following way we differentiate ourselves:

Diversity and Inclusion
3S respects the uniqueness of each individual employee. The diversity and inclusion (D&I) culture across 3S enables employees to achieve their full potential.

Growth and opportunity
Your success stops growing where you have stopped growing. Your company’s success stops growing where you have stopped growing.

We believe people investment reaps the best dividend. We help you build on your existing experience as we are associated with some of the best consultants/mentors in the industry. Along with the departmental training need, we also offer Leadership and Learning programs and we have also created ‘Training on Demand’ facility, enabling individuals to be in complete charge of their own learning.

Our appraisal system provides feedback at all levels helping in your overall development. This open-minded approach ensures your position is decided upon by a fair and open merit system and not by extraneous factors

The Best Balance
It is our Life-Work ethos that distinguishes us from others. Pride, passion and integrity are integral features of our everyday life at work. The joy of working with full authority, and a sense of ownership of work, set in an environment of transparency, makes 3S a desirable workplace.

Our energy, free spirit, social responsibility and commitment to human & social values have played a significant role in our success story so far. We instill these qualities in to every new member of the 3S family.

Passionate Leaders
3S has a dynamic bunch of young and aspiring leaders. We believe leaders build a strong foundation of any organization so we have committed leaders with fire within that manifests action, knowledge and empathy.

At 3S we endeavor to provide a formidable platform for professionals who will be our change agents – catalysts who will be torchbearers of 3S fortitude to excel and redefine organization limits.

Social Cause
Our business model work towards the social cause. As a responsible corporate citizen, we invest heavily to find new ways of bringing about positive changes in our communities in the field of sanitation. A strong sense of social responsibility is an integral part of our value system. The interests of our employees, our business partners, our local communities, and the environment come ahead of our own; and we work in a manner that supports their growth and well-being at all times.