Creating Impact

Johnny- The Smile behind 3s

A real fun guy, our mascot Johnny’s pet peeve is unhygienic surroundings. However, he likes to take care of things with a smile (a real big one) and clean up the world. His mission is to ensure that everyone around him has better sanitation because he knows that without such amenities it is tough to live a happy, healthy and dignified life. Johnny never fails to install portable restrooms where they are necessary and, once that is done, he makes sure that they are cleaned and sanitised everyday so that there is relief everywhere. His favourite quote is from Joseph Heller’s book Catch-22. It is a quirky but important quote, which goes thus: “Is there anybody in the John, Milton?” Often armed with a cleaning hose, he isn’t just a mascot. He is what our world needs today – a joyful individual who serves with a smile.

School Sanitation

Providing toilets and cleaning facility for existing toilets at schools to maintain health and hygiene in the schools is one of the projects we have taken up with government agencies, NGO’s and corporates. Awareness camps for children are conducted under our ‘CREATING EDUCATION, AWARENESS AND OWNERSHIP’ program.

Government: 3s India

Rural sanitation

Installation of Bio toilets as a part of a rural sanitation project – the first one for Sita Okudu , a widow living with her mother in PM Lanka- West Godavari – AP India. Now she doesn’t have to wait for early mornings or late nights to attend nature’s call. She has her own household restroom.