Today we reach almost all of India. We annually manage 155 million litres of liquid waste. While there are no cut and dry numbers, it has been estimated that for communities with a population of between 20,000 to 100,000 — 100 to 150 litres per head per day is saved by the Portable Restroom Industry. Which means 104 million litres of fresh water, which we help save, serving 155,000 people daily.

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Choosing The Right Number of Mobi- loos

Construction site      Event        Number of workers:    You Need: Expected crowd:Duration of event:You need:


“In a small city like Pondicherry, if you were to construct public toilets in these places where we have them now, some of them would be impossible…we need to have a septic tank which you can’t do on a pavement…it would cost about 50% more”
-Matthew Samuel

Director, Department of Tourism, Pondicherry


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Uses of Portable Restrooms

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