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Choosing the right Restroom

While choosing the right restroom is no rocket science, it helps to know a little bit about it. After all, where you have to go decides how you feel through the day. Choosing smartly is all about understanding how many people are going to be using it and for how many days. That way, you not only get the right fit but also get our 360 degree sanitation services, totally customised.

All 3s portable restrooms are made of recyclable material, so that the planet feels relieved as well. Our total sanitation services – which take care of installation to cleaning to recycling sewage water – make the 3s experience an environmentally safe one.
Our efforts to create a hygienic and dignified society has been recognised by a variety of organisations. We are overwhelmed, needless to say. Know more about it.
Johnny's Box and Mobiloo can make all outdoor events cleaner, greener and happier
The job starts early, with out fleet of special sanitation services trucks all lined up.
And then our trucks make their way to the sewage treatment plant. When this truck gets here, the first phase of our service is done. Here the waste water is treated for reuse, made better for the world.
Industrial workers have healthier, dignified life with better sanitation facilities.
Our truck then reaches a construction site. Here the popular Mobiloo is the restroom workhorse, keeping workers healthy and happy.
The sewage treatment plant, so water always stays pristine.
Who wants a stinky park? Johnny and Loo King are crusading for a cleaner, odour-free world.
Our truck reaches a pay-and-use restrooms site that has the Sputnik. Makes it squeaky clean and ready for the day. The Sputnik is a single user loo.
Need to know how many restrooms you need for a construction site? Just check our loo calculator on the homepage.
That’s johnny, armed with his cleaning hosepipe. He keeps the city hygienic.
The Sixer urinal is even better. It takes care of bigger events, with six cubicles for relief-seekers. This is perfect for events in parks and other larger functions.
We not only provide restrooms in large infrastructure projects, but also ensure they are cleaned daily.
For those on wheelchairs, 3s wheelchair friendly restroom is a dream come true.
In the meantime, another truck lands up at a large construction site to clear the septic tank, one of our most crucial job.
The Gofresh station makes sure relief and hygiene go hand-in-hand with a built-in handwash basin.
On the way our truck drops in at a concert where the robust restroom Johnny Box is installed. It is a classy award-winning one and 3s sanitation engineers ensure it stays that way.
…And the Gemini does the handwash work one better as it caters to two.
After that, it is time to go to the fair where Johnny’s box keeps the smile going on revellers' face.
At the temple, the handwash station Maggie looks after people who need to wash their hands and face to feel refreshed.
Temples have scores of visitors and since cleanliness is next to godliness, the 3s experts ensure the Shower Cubicle is flushed out of all germs.
At the end of the day, after the restrooms are evacuated, cleaned, disinfected and water from it delivered for ‘curing’ at the sewage treatment planet, it is time to call it a day and get some sleep. After all, tomorrow is a new day but the human body works the same way.
Cleaner waters mean better life. After all, the Planet needs relief too.